Top 6 Benefits of Being Hotel Manager

Hotel Management: Top 6 Benefits of Being Hotel Manager
July 8, 2022

The hospitality and service industry emphasizes customer service experience. This industry requires motivated, strong, and able managers to build and foster excellent relationships with customers or guests. Hotel management offers a rewarding environment with beautiful surroundings, new connections, and job satisfaction. Most hotels have regular clients who return because of the excellent customer service they received during their first stay. Hotel managers must ensure that every guest’s accommodation facilities and needs are prioritized.

Hotel management is one of the best careers in the world, but it requires diligence and exceptional management skills. If you want to become a hotel manager, this article explains the six significant reasons you should keep your spirit alive!


The role attracts those who have high ambition,
a passion for service, and are natural-born leaders.”
EHL Insights about hotel managers


The 6 Best Reasons to Become a Hotel Manager

Hotel management offers a balanced mix of customer interaction and daily operations satisfaction. Here are six reasons why hotel managers have the best job:

1. Early Responsibility

One of the primary reasons you should consider a career in hotel management is the opportunities for career development fashioned by on-the-job training. A fast-paced career in the hotel industry starts with the responsibility of taking care of every aspect of the business. The hotel manager heads numerous departments, including front-of-house departments, maintenance, catering, and housekeeping. The hotel manager’s responsibilities include setting sales targets, managing funds, hiring staff, and overseeing public relations.

2. Travel Opportunities

Hotel managers have numerous travel opportunities as they travel worldwide for seminars and workshops. Managers for chain hotels may be asked to travel to another branch in a different region or country, hoping their input will make the hotel successful. As a hotel manager, you are privileged to relocate overseas with your family, and the hotel will retain your job position in your new location.

3. Diversity

A day in the life of a hotel manager is arguably the most exciting and intriguing because you are constantly meeting new guests from different parts of the world. If you are to make the most of your career as a hotel manager, you must be flexible. Your flexibility will allow you to comfortably take up significant roles in prestigious hotels in a state away from home or constantly visit different destinations if you are working for a chain hotel. In dispensing your duties, you connect with influential people and make a good name for yourself.

4. An Enjoyable Work Environment

Hotel managers enjoy a great work environment, which improves their quality of life. They also benefit from flexible hours, good conditions, and the option to live onsite at no or reduced cost. The hotel manager is prioritized when giving residences to their families to cut their commute time and save time. Every guest must receive good customer service, which directly equates to the ability of the hotel manager to inspire their staff. Since it is the hotel manager’s mandate to make your guests happy, the hotel rewards you with an enjoyable work environment.

5. Providing Creative Input

Since the hotel industry is dynamic and diverse, it is paramount for the hospitality and tourism industries to hire creative individuals. Successful hotel managers should be highly creative and willing to try new ideas regularly. To improve the services offered at a hotel, the manager should travel around and be open-minded to trying out new ideas, whether borrowed or created. For example, implementing energy-saving initiatives is becoming increasingly important in the hospitality sector. You can read more about this in our article on what hotel management can do to save energy.

Guest experience is the focal point for managing the hotel industry, making it less problematic for the workers to try new creative suggestions willingly. From such trials, a hotel becomes a favorite for most guests at different times of the year.

6. Potential Salary Growth

Some industries, such as IT and finance, are paying ridiculous salaries to their executive employees as opposed to those in the hospitality line. Though this remains factual, the hospitality industry is proving extremely lucrative when you are the executive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a hotel manager is paid approximately $28.57 per hour or $59,430 per year. This approximation could be higher depending on the size of the hotel, the turnover, and the location.



Being a hotel manager is one of the best jobs in the world because you are not limited. A primary factor most people consider when taking a job is its freedom. Working as a hotel manager allows you to explore your creativity, meet people from different parts of the world, and travel. In the service industry, every manager’s basic role is to make their guests happy. This is among the most straightforward tasks with the evolution of technology and the unlimited ideas on the internet.

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