What Our J-1 Participants Have to Say

A world’s leader in international training and career development, HRC International has helped countless candidates reach their career goals.

By working with global leading hospitality brands, we connect the best possible employers with the best possible employees. We achieve this by establishing long-lasting relationships and never putting profits before people.

Here are some of our success stories:

Samira Shahbandy

Program Coordinator

My year with HRC International has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing people—employers, colleagues, and even fantastic J-1..

Hanifa Zahra

Digital Marketing Officer

Every single day over the past year has been a vibrant chapter of learning and evolution. With not a moment of standstill, I’ve soared, adapting and expanding my skills. Being..

Bao Anh Nguyen

People & Culture Coordinator

I started my journey at HRC International as an intern in 2022. HRC International impressed me a lot with its purpose, helping other students and hoteliers gain more international experience..

Olivia Rowland

Program Manager

HRC International challenges me in new ways every day, and I’m always learning, which is what I love to do. On top of that, the people I’ve met here have..

Kaithlyn Trinh

Junior Career Consultant

I can confidently say that choosing to join HRC International was an opportunity I always feel fortunate to have and cherish. This company has consistently provided unwavering support throughout my..

Grace Mumo

Career Consultant

My journey with HRC International has been a vibrant tapestry of fun, learning, and adventurous challenges, shaping me into a dynamic leader. This path has been marked by the thrill..

Carlos Sosa

Area Manager Mexico

Back in August 2022, I jumped on board with HRC International, all pumped up to share my international career experiences with the young people of Mexico and Latin America, just..

Servaas Kerssemakers

Area Manager Chile

For me, HRC International is more than just a company; it resonates deeply with my passion for the hospitality industry. As a hotelier, I find immense joy in guiding young..

Matthieu Mioche

Area Manager France

HRC International has given me the unique opportunity to be a coach and mentor to thousands of hospitality talents. It has been not only a dream come true to do..

Amelia Octaviana

Digital Marketing Supervisor

Reflecting on my time with HRC International, I couldn’t find a more fitting term to describe the organization than a “people company.” They genuinely prioritize their employees in every aspect,..

Giselle Nasseri

Visa Specialist / Support Coordinator

It’s been so rewarding to see J-1s experience life in the US and to help guide and support them throughout the entire process. I am happy to be part of..

Melloney Boersma

Head of Recruitment Career USA

Joining amidst the pandemic, I witnessed our remarkable rise to success. HRC has provided countless opportunities for my personal and professional development. Under the guidance of Floris, CEO of HRC..

Rishijay Seetulpersand

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

HRC International was probably the best agency in the world for those who wanted to take a big leap in their lives. They were the only agency that definitely helped..

Uzeyir Mammadov

Hotel Max, Seattle

HRC International has helped me significantly in developing my career and gaining valuable life and work experience. Thanks to HRC, I have now reached a management level. Besides the professional..

Alfian Setiawan

Montage Big Sky

The J-1 program has brought me to a new adventure in my life. I have learned many new things as a chef, being taught by all the chefs from the..

Andrea G. Enrich

The Ritz Carlton Washington DC

It’s very sad to be ending this incredible and life-changing journey I experienced in Washington DC. My experience has exceeded expectations, thanks not only to all the people I’ve met..

Batuhan Kecicioglu

Mandarin Oriental Miami

I have learned a lot here, worked with and met celebrity chefs, collaborated with other successful restaurants, and created a strong network. I believe I have made lifelong connections. I..

Grace P. Madjan

Hilton Anatole

It was a pleasure to have had this experience. From the beginning, HRC International really helped me with all the processes and made them simple. I felt that the program..

Juan D. Calambas

LPM Restaurant & Bar

Being in Miami, living a new culture and lifestyle has made me mature as a human being and as a professional. I have met many people from all over the..

Mainak Chatterjee

Crown Shy/Saga/Overstory

Coming to NYC has always been a dream for me. HRC really helped me out with every possible assistance required to make this come true. Getting trained under some of..

Marie M. Doorye

Yours Truly DC

Being able to work and live here has opened a whole new perspective on the hospitality industry in America. I’ve had an incredible experience that has exceeded all my expectations...

Wambui Nderitu

Astra Seattle, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Throughout my program, I witnessed significant growth both professionally and personally. Through departmental rotations and training, I gained knowledge and confidence in the operational activities of the hotel. My experience..