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Working with HRC International as a Junior Career Consultant has been a great experience. The opportunity to support candidates in

With a rich background in hospitality management and a multicultural perspective, Emily brings a unique blend of Greek warmth, American

Born and raised in Mexico. After she completed her university degree in Mexico, she then moved to the Netherlands where

Virginie hails from France and is an alumna of Cours Féminin de Besançon. With a rich background in esteemed hotels

Sonia Bourdonskaia was born and raised in Moscow and has studied both in Russia and the U.K. As a senior

Shruti joined HRC International as a Junior Career Consultant in November 2022. After completing her Masters in International Hospitality Business

With more than 25 years living in Atlanta, Georgia, Shelly has enjoyed several years in hospitality, at both hotels and

Seeking a new challenge and learning Spanish, Servaas left for Chili after finishing Hotel School in the Netherlands. He gained

Samira joined HRC after finishing her master’s degree in integrated global communication. Born into a multicultural family, she has always