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Seeking a talented demi cook for New York City!

Short description

Fine dining restaurant in NYC seeks passionate cook to join their team and learn as Garde Manager, Saucier, Entremetier, and Sous Chef in Training.

Detailed description

Are you ready to take your cooking skills to the next level and impress everyone around you? You've come to the right place - Estela, located in the heart of New York City, is the perfect destination for you. Our team of expert chefs will guide you through unique culinary approaches and techniques that are sure to tantalize even the most discerning taste buds.

But don't think that your experience is limited to the kitchen - NYC has much more to offer! During your stay, you'll explore the city's iconic landmarks such as Rockefeller Center and Times Square, as well as the lively neighborhoods of Chinatown and beyond.

At Estela, we believe that cooking is an art that goes beyond fulfilling basic needs. That's why our comprehensive training program focuses on enabling you to create culinary masterpieces - and with the newfound knowledge and confidence, you'll be able to do so with ease.

So why wait? Make the leap and join us on a journey that will enrich your cooking skills and broaden your horizons. The team at Estela is eagerly waiting to help you take the plunge and reach your fullest potential.

Placement Remarks

Pay: $21.00

Employee must provide own kitchen safe shoes and pants.

Meals are charged at $3.85 per day if the employee "opts-in" to meal program.

All Hourly employees accrue up to 96 hours of PTO in a calendar year. This is not Paid Out at end of program.

The J1 candidate must secure housing before they arrive in NYC and must secure their own transportation upon arrival. Uber or Lyft are great options.




Eligibility criteria for our Career USA programs:

- You are enrolled in a post secondary ministerially recognized academic institution in the hospitality industry OR have a hospitality degree and at least 1 year of recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside of the USA) OR have 5 years recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside the USA

- You have shown consistent career growth over the last years

- You have shown serious commitment to your most recent employers

Local info

Arguably the most famous city in America, if not the world, New York, is an unrelenting veritable hive of activity. With things to do for literally every kind of taste and style! Far be it for us to say that New York is only a cultural hub, it’s also one of the greatest places in the world for shopping, dining, and entertainment! See more about New York climates here.

Housing: The cost of living in NYC is extremely high with studio apartments costing around $2,400. The closer you live to Times Square or Central Park the more expensive your rent will be. Sharing housing is recommended. Please note, that without established credit, your first and last month’s rent may be required as a deposit. We recommend you arrive with at least $3,000 as startup capital and to help secure housing. Helpful websites: Street Easy, Citi-habitants, New York Habitant, City Reality, Urban Living, Apartment.com, Netspick, Trulia, Zillow, or Renthop

Transportation: Getting around New York without a car is very easy. With local taxis, a comprehensive metro system, and many things simply within walking distance, see more about using the New York metro system.

Local attractions: Pay a visit to Central Park, Times Square, and other attractions.

Start date

July 2024