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Scenic Mountaintop Retreat in Search of Skilled Demi Chef!

Short description

A stunning mountain retreat is searching for a culinary enthusiast to undergo training in positions like Restaurant Demi, Banquet Demi, and Chef de Partie!

Detailed description

A breathtaking new mountain retreat is seeking a culinary enthusiast to undergo training in roles such as Restaurant Demi, Banquet Demi, and Chef de Partie!

On your days off, delve into the enchanting Cloudland Canyon State Park, with its scenic trails and breathtaking waterfalls. Immerse yourself in outdoor adventures, from invigorating hikes and rock climbing to birdwatching. Discover the charm of local wineries, savor farm-to-table dining experiences, and embrace the warm hospitality of this delightful southern town. Whether your interests revolve around nature, outdoor pursuits, or culinary delights, Rising Fawn promises an abundance of enjoyable experiences for all!

Placement Remarks

Rate of Pay:

Restaurant Demi Cook - $19/hour

Banquet Demi Cook - $19/hour

Chef de Partie - $21/hour


Housing available - $300 per paycheck.

Each house consists of 4 bedrooms - each containing their own bathroom, TV, and two double beds. Two people per room, max 8 occupancy. 

No cooking in the house, but there is a kitchenette for refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, as well as washer and dryer.

3 free meals are provided daily - served in the cafeteria (short walk from the house to the hotel).

Uniform provided, but will need to bring own black pants and closed toe shoes.

Bring own knives.

Airport pickup provided if arranged in advance. Recommended airports are Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and Chattanooga Airport (CHA).


Restaurant Demi Chef - $19/hour

Banquet Demi Chef - $19/hour

Chef de Partie - $21/hour


Eligibility criteria for our Career USA programs:

- You are enrolled in a post secondary ministerially recognized academic institution in the hospitality industry OR have a hospitality degree and at least 1 year of recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside of the USA) OR have 5 years recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside the USA)

- You have shown consistent career growth over the last years

- You have shown serious commitment to your most recent employers

Local info

The state of Georgia has a humid subtropical climate. This leads to mild winters and hot humid summers. The weather is colder in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the far north, and you even find snow there most years. Average temperatures are between 50 and 60°F in the winter, and in the low 90s at the height of summer.

Residents can also take advantage of taxi services or ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to get around the city. If further travel is desired, a car may need to be rented or purchased. HRC recommends J1 candidates bring at least $3,000 in addition to startup capital in order to help obtain a car and insurance. If a car is purchased insurance is required and can cost around $150 per month.

Start date

August 2024