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The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse

Alexander Restaurant Group Looking For Enthusiastic Chefs!

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Are you ready for a culinary adventure? Train at The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse in positions like Garde Manger, Fish Demi Chef, and Chef de Partie! 

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The Sea program offered by Alexander's Steakhouse ensures an all-inclusive culinary journey wherein participants get hands-on experience in various key positions in the kitchen such as Garde Manger, Past Demi Chef, Fish Station Demi Chef, and Chef de Partie. Each position trains the candidates to perfection in cold food, mastery, seafood, and leadership roles in managing the kitchen sections. These diverse positions provide a holistic education in culinary arts.
While training under a brilliant Chef, relish the beauty of California by visiting Bay Lookout Pointe or the Pettigrew House on your free days. Do not miss out on this exquisite gastronomic adventure that is known for its awe-inspiring ambiance, excellent service, and mouthwatering delicacies. Apply now and be a part of this astounding culinary team!

Placement Remarks

$17.50 per hour

The restaurant is unable to pay you without a social security card, thus make sure you have enough funds upon your arrival to cover food, transportation, and housing in the first month of training.

Housing and transportation are your own responsibility. Must bring your own knives.


We offer a chef coat, apron, and hat. The only requirement from employees is to bring their own non-skid kitchen shoes.

A meal is provided per shift.


$17.50 per hour

Local attractions

Housing: Our support coordinator recommends www.apartmentlist.com to find the apartment that best fits your needs. The cost of living in California is high, so candidates should also look into finding roommates.

What to Wear in Palo Alto:
You know how to match the temperature to your wardrobe selection, so this list focuses more on style and practical considerations you might not think of.
• Casual clothing is fine most of the time in Palo Alto, even in some of the nicer restaurants.
• A few restaurants may have dress codes. If you're thinking of high-end eating, check ahead.
• You may also want to get a little dressed up if you plan to go to a theater performance.
• Palo Alto is full of micro-climates and the temperature can change a lot in a single day. Whether or not it's fashionable, planning your wardrobe with lots of layers is a good way to go.
• Summer fog in Palo Alto is colder than you can imagine. If you're going from May through July, pack all the layers you think you'll need, then pack one more. Or be prepared to make an emergency sweatshirt purchase.
• Good walking shoes are a must, with all those hills you may want to walk up and down.

What to Pack for Palo Alto
These are a few things that we have found helpful to have along when going to Palo Alto:
• If your hair tends to frizz in humid places, bring extra products to keep it tamed.
• In winter, you might need an umbrella or raincoat. Just looking at the averages doesn't tell the whole story and weather patterns vary a lot from year to year.

Mountain View has a pedestrian-friendly downtown centered on Castro Street. The downtown area consists of the seven blocks of Castro Street from the Downtown Mountain View Station transit center in the north to the intersection with El Camino Real in the south. The transit center links the Caltrain commuter rail and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail and bus systems.

Climate: Mountain View has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are mild and wet.

Transportation: You can easily use the Cal Train to travel between San Francisco and Mountain View. San Francisco is just 30 minutes to the north via car or train. San Jose is the closest biggest town, only 15 minutes away. To get around Mountain View/Santa Clara you can use the Light Rail

Housing: Housing in this area can be very expensive so we recommend that you find a roommate or someone who already has a house or an apartment to share with you. www.roommate.com OR www.easyroommate.com. The average one-bedroom apartment starts around $1500-2000 per month, unfurnished, not including utilities. Keep in mind without any credit in the USA you will need to pay the first and last month's rent as a deposit. It is advised as a J-1 exchange visitor that you look into options of sharing housing with other locals and/or J-1 exchange visitors. By doing so, you can reduce the costs per month to around $1000; however, the costs can also be reduced if you are willing to live outside the city and take public transportation. Below are some resources regarding housing in the area.

There are 3 buses that travel downtown Mountain View, 34, 35, and 52,( the stop is directly located outside the Patisserie) and bus 22 travels up and down El Camino. (bus stop is located on the corner of El Camino and Castro.

When booking a flight, The San Jose airport (SJC) is more convenient than the San Francisco airport (SFO) to reach Mountain View.

Start date

August 2024